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Nov. 26th, 2016 11:41 pm
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While you are not required to use any of the following codes while posting to the network, we have collected several that you are free to use if you so choose. As a reminder, the Retrospec network may be accessed from any internet-capable device and is accessible even when the internet cannot be accessed. Posts are visible to NPCs if they are shown them, though they cannot join the network and are incapable of noticing anything odd being discussed or shown. Posts may be private to groups, but anything that is private to one person only should be put in IC inboxes instead. Please remember to warn for content. You can find our Retrospec guide over here.

Codes can be found beneath the cut. Simply replace anything in CAPSLOCK with the requested information. Some codes modified from [community profile] cawaii.


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Apr. 14th, 2019 09:03 am
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[ as always, her handle is Queen and well, while she's a little hesitant about posting this, she does want second thoughts. . . and she's not sure how people will take it. ]

Hi guys.

I'm honestly just a little curious about something, and you know what they say - 'curiosity killed the cat' and all that, so. Here goes nothing.

You know how we've been getting maps to our past lives' worlds and all that? Well, I found mine. Apparently I lived in Yokohama? I knew it was in Japan, but not any exact location, so knowing that is honestly kind of neat. But also. . . I met my past self's boyfriend. I was kind of surprised, really, because he looked exactly as I remembered him. A part of me was kind of afraid that maybe he'd reenact a scene from my past life, but.

It was kind of strange.

The way he reacted when I talked to him was what I expected from him. How he always was. And when I introduced myself, said that my name was different from my past life, he didn't question me or anything. He just accepted it, and called me by my normal name. The one I have here.

Is it weird, that I don't know what to do? I know a lot of people here are going to want to stay here. Live out their lives in Recolle, or maybe move out of the city when all's said and done. But. . . what if someone wanted to make the choice to go back to their past life because they were happier there? Would that really be such a bad thing? It's kind of scary to think about, really, since it kind of feels that if I chose that option, I'd be betraying my 'current self' and the people I care about. That's why I want to hear some advice.

To see what you guys think, I guess.

Sorry this got kind of tl;dr, but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there, really. Since it's a bit of a complex topic to talk about.
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Rinka Smith shared a photo.
4/13/19 near Viea Village
pic )
'Liquid armor' the pick up ticket said. HOW IS THIS ARMOR?

I think the worst thing is that I actually have memories where I wore this. In a fight.

I mean. The gauntlets and boots that go with it are kind of badass. But the rest of this.

Thanks past life. I hate it.
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There are times I really miss my sister having Retrospec access. I wouldn't have to explain this stuff.

Uh, relatedly, who knows how I'm going to explain this?

OOC cut for image )
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I don’t now a thing about machinery beyond breaking it apart, but I have been to the sea’s bottom, and inside a Water Dragon’s belly! That should be plenty helpful, but speaking of such!

Read more... )

My hackles raise just to be facing its image again. This was a demonic warrior who named itself Blight, born by the possession of the demon blade Goldnail that killed so many, its hatred, pain and the blood of its wielders gained sentience. It infested an Emperor’s body with sickness, and spread a wretched mist throughout his lands in the form of a plague. It killed many people before it was stopped.

I’m afraid I, and Goro, have encountered an identical entity residing in Magatus. The same goes for the shadowy things, and the wendigos. The wildlife fears it and the sickness it causes makes them, and us, should we become infected, turn virulent to anything they see.

This Vanderweele fellow we’re after is not a bit a skilled illusionist. He dips into malevolent forces far beyond our usual senses. He plays with fire, if he has not already been consumed by the evil he spreads without realizing it.

Be careful, is what I ask of first, and call Mother Sun in your thoughts if you are in need of impromptu protection. Secondly, I know a few already, but how many here are gifted with unnaturally heightened awareness? By a show of comments, how many have gained means of combating spiritual entities and the like? Lastly, if you do not fit in the last two groups— would you like to?
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[A video flickers to life on the screens of the app users today. In it, two masked people stand on either arm of an ominous machine, one tall and one quite short. When they speak, their voices have obviously been altered, most likely thanks to the small mics by their mouths that have been attached to some wire - leading no doubt to some kind of speaker, even if it’s hidden by their matching dark hoodies. Black seems to be a theme for them really - aside from the purple masks, their identities are completely concealed with not only their hoodies, but black face masks under the animal ones, black gloves, black pants--

There is basically no way to read this message as anything but ominous.]

Greetings, users of Retrospec.

[The taller figure speaks first. They keep their hands in their hoodie pocket and keeps their tone low and flat.]

We have felt that it has become quite stale and boring in Recolle lately, so we have decided to take things into our own hands. As a result, today, we have a little game planned out for you all.

We have taken the liberty of planting a number of sinister and dangerous objects around the city. What these items are, they are up to your own imagination but understand that they are potentially threatening to you and those around you. If even just one of them is left undiscovered by midnight, we cannot guarantee what might happen. Therefore, we highly recommend that you heed our warning and search for them.

We also recommend that you focus on scouring the city for these items rather than looking for us. We have already incapacitated one of your fellow users, taking her phone and using it to record us now. We will not hesitate to do the same to anyone who might come across us, regardless if it was intentional or not.

[The taller hooded stranger then pulls out a photo from their hoodie pocket and holds it towards the camera. In it, Yuuki ([personal profile] sleepingknight) is seen face down on the ground with a large mechanical foot crushing her back. Looking at the design and colour scheme of this foot, it's clear that it belongs to the terrifying machine in this video transmission. After a few seconds of displaying the photo, the figure takes it back and places it back into their pocket.]

We're sure that some of you must recognize her. Rest assured, we will release her when we see fit.

[And once the taller one finishes their speech, the shorter of the pair snatches the phone for their turn.]

She reeeally screamed the whole time - Vanderweele, Retrospec, things like that.

[They wave a hand, as though waving away the very concepts of the two.]

How trite. Allowing such people to have their way with this city...

I think it’s time for Vivarium to step up and stake their claim. We are many more than Vanderweele or Retrospec can muster, and we’re ready to have a little fun.

[The figure then gives a bow, arms out in an elegant twirl. The taller one follows in a bow as well, but they hold themselves closer with a hand to their chest and the other arm flat on their side.]

We hope to see your very best performance here... for the sake of the city, and for the sake of your little friend.

Best of luck, Retrospecters.

((OOC: Yuuki and Kokichi decided to help bring the best holiday ever to Retrospec app users! Those who know of their guild Vivarium are free to recognize the masks and realize this is probably not nearly as sinister as they’re making it out to be. Both will be responding, and they have indeed hidden items across the city in various locations around town, behind dumpsters, under benches, basically tucked away all over. The items are just little black boxes with a cheerfully scrawled “April Fool’s!” note inside along with a single sad piece of off-brand and expired candy. Congrats on your dedication to protecting this fair city!))
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Hey, Retrospec.

Bit of an odd question, I know, but does anyone happen to know where Raina Schwarzer lives? She posts here under the username Queen.

Kind of a last resort before I go for desperate measures, here, so if anyone has any information at all, that'd be great. Thanks.
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hey quick question
anyone else remember a (near) death experience and keep feeling like they're dying
even after the memory is over

it's not a panic attack mine are different
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Derek Matthews
March 11, 2019 near Tisse
So general questions for you guys. Has anyone had a huge time jump in their memories suddenly? Most of my memories have been of a teenager between 12-17 years old. Now he's like... in his late 30's early 40's? Second question... has anyone had memories of a spouse and kids? Because the guy in my memories had a wife and a son... apparently. Third question: Did any of you start feeling your other self's feelings for their spouse for over two days straight? I mean, man did this guy love his wife. Which is nice I guess for him... but dang. Has anyone else had to experience this?

two ♡

Mar. 10th, 2019 10:57 am
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[ As always, Raina posts under the username Queen, her icon just a simple black heart. ]

First things first: DST sucks, when are we getting rid of it?

Second of all, having too much free time means being curious about a few things. And you know what they say: 'curiosity killed the cat'. I was wondering if it really is uncommon for people to have better past lives than their current ones... and if it's uncommon to not have any physical changes or like, not gain any magical powers or anything like that?

That's all. Thanks in advance for any answers.
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Out of curiosity that may or may not be morbid, are we supposed to find our past lives completely disagreeable? I understand that we're going to trend toward not liking them, simply because they're causing an existential crisis by existing and we aren't going to like all of the choices they made, but how many of us are dealing with decisions so surreal that you can't imagine anyone coming to whatever conclusions were reached - much less you?

[Ah, yes, the fun experience of "what the hell, past life" has finally...hit? It sort of hit him a month ago if he's going to be honest, but it seems to have amped up in scale just a little lately.]
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[The post is by one Lily, their icon simply a picture of a red dragon lady crinum.]

Ok so

The good news is I didn't turn into an ant

Actually I have wings now?? They just kind of popped out of nowhere.

So does anyone have tips for flying/not knocking everything over trying to walk around the house? I don't want to have to buy more monitors...

[Action - Park, Evening]

[And, once it's darker out, a small figure heads out to the park wrapped up in a warm coat and a beanie over her long hair - long purple hair, though with the dark, it may be more difficult to catch the glint of color.

Casting a glance around to make sure no one's around (that she can see), Yuuki takes a breath and stretches, a pair of wings appearing from her back - and yet, mysteriously, outside of her clothes. Sparkles glimmer faintly in the air, but they disappear quickly as they're shed from the transluscent wings.

Oookay. How do you do this?
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So does anyone else get really sick when they're around those glowy green gems, or is it just me? I basically couldn't do anything all last month.

Uh, just in case the answer's no, is there anything else we should be worried about in town? Or in the winter town? Considering we're headed out there sooner or later, we should probably all be on the same page preparedness-wise instead of guessing.
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Derek Matthews
3/11 near Tisse
To all Retrospec users. I normally don't talk publically all the many different spells I can use, but I have recently remembered two spells that I feel would be short sighted of me to not share with the world and make the world (or at least dealing with Retrospec) a bit better. What are these spells you may ask? Well, I'm glad you asked:

THE CHEERING CHARM: a simple charm that will put you in a good mood for about... 15 min to one hour, give or take a few minutes.

THE REPAIRING CHARM: a simple charm that will fix pretty much anything (not human). Did you break your glasses? Easy. Wreck your bike? No problem!

Soooo... any takers?

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[ This post shows up in the late afternoon on the 14th, under the user named Queen: ]

I'd say "happy Valentine's" but this application has currently ruined the holiday in the worst possible way. Why couldn't we have had forced blind dating? Or even Cupid arrow shenanigans? I would have liked either of those.

So, a quick set of inquiries. There are still sane people on the app that haven't gone obsessive crazy, right? Or know someone that can help with self defense... I kind of need it now.
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I need help.

I just tried to leave my house to go to school and my vision suddenly... just POOF. Gone. Everything went black. Like someone blindfolded me, but there was nothing there. I managed to get back inside and it stopped. Which is how I'm able to type this.

It happened yesterday as well, and from what I can tell... it just happens when I'm outside. If I'm inside, I can see. So... until this stops (I REALLY HOPE IT STOPS, BECAUSE I CANNOT THINK OF HOW TO EXPLAIN THIS TO A DOCTOR. SITUATIONAL VISION LOSS?) I need some help getting around.

Starting with getting to school in the next 30 minutes.
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[ a person with a nice neutral avi of his actual face and the self-explanatory username of Jamie Doh posts!! ]


I need a job!
(I know this isn't the best time or venue for something like this, and I'm very sorry; if I thought I had any other options, I'd take them.) (But if you do happen to know of other options I have, I'd be grateful to hear about them)

I need to be upfront that there are some pretty severe limitations on what I can actually do, which are not covered by the ADA and are the reason I wasn't able to continue in my last job...
Basically, I can't be seen, heard, or directly sensed in any way by regular people who aren't Retrospec users. So anything that's customer facing or that requires any contact beyond e-mail or something with, like... anyone... is not... super... possible? lol

But obviously there are still a lot of things I can do! And I'm not picky at all. If you want me to do something, and I'm capable of doing it, I will. With almost no exceptions. (That is, I don't really have any pride or dignity, but I do have some scruples. So any crimes you want me to commit will have to be victimless!) (In case any police officers are reading this, that part was a joke)

  • Several years' experience as a barista
    • Tea brewing (taught by a true expert!)
    • Proficiency with latte art
  • CPR and first aid certification
  • Volunteer experience in a hospital setting
  • Numerous vague memories of serving as a housekeeper, cook, and personal assistant in an alternate timeline
  • Numerous memories of serving as a shinigami, field surgeon, and all-purpose drudge in a past lifetime

Education (currently on hold)
  • On track to graduate cum laude with B.A. in sociology from Recollé University (11 credits short)
  • Acceptance to Recollé University School of Medicine (deferred)

Special skills/abilities
  • Healing magic
  • Limited floating
  • Phasing through solid objects
  • Sword can perform exorcisms (?)

I'm open to full-time, part-time, temporary, one-time gigs... or honestly anything at all!

I look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks for your time.